Maria Nina Vaclavek

Rectangular heels!

But this quirky form of footwear, designed by Czech student Maria Nina Vaclavek, is made to take on the curvy shape of the wearer’s feet, providing an ‘intentional contrast made by the contradiction of the geometric silhouette and the soft organic shape of human sole’.And while they may look rigid, Vaclavek promises that these shoes – known as the ‘Rectangle shoes’ - are as comfortable as any other heels of the same height.

'The caveman hunted down an animal, skinned it and wrapped the leather – still raw and warm – around his foot where he tightened it with bast. The leather adapts the shape of the user's foot. I found this technology very interesting and decided to work with it further.'

The shoes are made by wrapping a piece of wet vegetable-tanned leather around a platform and a model foot. As it dries, the leather takes on the solid shape of the shoes.


Lindsay Lohan/CHANEL

There is no such thing as a price drop when it comes to Chanel classic quilted bags. Investment pieces indeed — there is always a price increase year after year after year. For those of you cannot afford to spend a couple of grand on a new 2.55 comes a new cool mini "ankle monitoring" version which serves as an entry-level piece to House that Coco built. Chanel is smart. Very, very smart, no?

Karl Lagerfeld heard Lindsay Lohan's request to cover her ankle monitor for drinking with a cute chanel ankle purse. 

Marla Marchant

Woven High Heels

Marla said: "The design process started by developing experimental pieces, conniving traditional footwear, weaved patterns and 3d printing. The aesthetic enhances the weightlessness of female body, creating the illusion of hanging from a net, tying the feet down and bearing the netting into a three dimensionality. It pursues long and thin shapes while the body’s expression plays to be restricted, appearing fragile and instable from a podium that empowers it.

The idea of these shoes are so amazing, i love the structure of it and especially the really fragile looking design. I looks very complexed but then again so easy to the eye and really appealing to me aswell. 

Ana Rajcevic

From Ana's website about the 'animal' pieces: "The project is grounded in a unique visual interpretation of animal anatomy, building upon existing skeleton structures to create a series of sculptural pieces that appear as natural properties of the human body, suggesting strength, power and sensuality.Concepts of mutation and evolution are explored in order to develop a contemporary cross-image of human and animal, an atemporal, supreme creature, beyond past and future. The goal was to fabricate a collection of 8 pieces of personal adornment that would not be specifically categorised as jewellery or accessories."

I love these ideas so much. I think they are soooo creative and not what you would really class as jewellery which i think is really interesting. The structure of the pieces are so amazing and strong. It is so powerful. 

Shaun Leane for Alexander McQueen

"Shaun has been a close friend and companion for many years. He captures the feeling of my work and the aesthetic of the time we are in... full of structure and finesse, crafted to perfection."

Alexander McQueen


For more than a decade Shaun Leane worked with the late Alexander McQueen to create a series of provocative jewels that have become iconic symbols of catwalk jewellery.

First introduced in 1994, Leane and McQueen found themselves united by a shared passion for craftsmanship. Leane was working as a goldsmith in London’s Hatton Garden when McQueen asked him to create his first collaborative piece: a large silver tusk earring for his second show ‘Hunger’ in 1995.

It was a collaboration that drove Shaun Leane to push boundaries with new materials and scale, resulting in some of the most influential catwalk imagery of the last decade.

All of the objects were handcrafted creating multi-part master molds, using gelcoat, fiberglass, resin and silicone rubber. 

The pieces perform a double function: they exist as fashion objects attached to the wearer, as well as separate art works,exhibited in gallery spaces. 
Because of this dual quality they can be considered fashion artefacts in the true sense: objects of desire, rather than just mere adornments.


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